TyreClick generates £7m for independent tyre dealers

Posted on 29th March 2016

Independent tyre dealers in the UK have seen an additional £7m of revenue thanks to TyreClick, a website developed by Micheldever Tyre Services to help independents compete for online sales.

TyreClick supports more than 900 transactional websites, which are linked to independent tyre retailers, each with their own local URL. This means motorists can search for their local dealers and buy tyres direct from them.

Linked to the success of generating £7m of sales for independents, the website has also seen the 50,000 th order being placed. This was done when a motorist placed and order with Sardis Road Tyres, a family-run business in Graig, near Pontypridd.

The website’s phenomenal growth and success meant that it took just 51 days to achieve the most recent 5,000 orders, compared to the 349 days to achieve the first 5,000 orders.

Rob Hoskins, from Sardis Road Tyres, said: “Independent businesses like mine have faced a tough time in recent years, particularly when it came to competing for online sales. Having access to a resource like TyreClick is a major boost, and just goes to show that it is possible for small, independent dealers to complete with national chains and specialist internet traders.”

Alan Baldwin, sales director at Micheldever, said: “We know that 70% of consumers check online before buying, so it’s absolutely essential that independent dealers, like Sardis Road Tyres, have an online presence. The collective power of TyreClick arms all participating retailers with the tools to maintain online visibility in their local area.

“TyreClick is capable of tipping the balance in favour of the smaller business, as it provides them with the means to compete online, own and develop long-term consumer relationships whilst retaining their independence, controlling their own branding and margins, and crucially, having access and ownership of consumer data.

“I’ve always been confident that there isn’t another wholesaler, distributor, and in many cases, manufacturer, in the UK that invests as much money, time and resources in supporting dealers as we do. The success of TyreClick just goes to prove that.”

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