General Tire wins ‘gripping’ durability battle in mud terrain tyre test

Posted on 20th February 2018

General Tire's Grabber X3 has come out on top against the BF Goodrich MT KM2 in a gruelling 10-stage independent mud-terrain challenge.

In the challenge organised by LRO magazine, both sets of patterns were fitted to a Land Rover Discovery 2 Td before being put to the test at Snugg’s Pit, Suffolk, a renowned off-road proving ground featuring some of the UK’s toughest and muddiest conditions.

The Grabber X3 took the tyre test honours after scoring higher in a range of challenges including climbing out of ruts, producing the least road noise, braking on wet roads and finding grip in gloopy mud.

BF Goodrich MT KM2 just edged the Grabber X3 in a sandy hill climb challenge, while the other remaining five tests were drawn, resulting in the Grabber X3 emerging on top by five points with an overall score of 79 points to 74 points.

LRO devised the test to demonstrate how mud-terrain tyres make all the difference when trying to drive in deep mud, rough areas and unpredictable slippery surfaces.

The sets of 245/75 R16 tyres were tested numerous times over two days, with the results verified by LRO’s experienced team to ensure outcomes were as “fair and accurate” as possible.

Alan Baldwin, Micheldever wholesale director, said: “We are delighted to see the Grabber X3 outperform one of the most popular, high performance 4x4 mud terrain tyres currently on the market.

“Going head to head with such a well renowned and proven mud terrain tyre as the BF Goodrich MTK M2 is a great endorsement of the qualities and performance capabilities of the Grabber X3.

“Independent test results such as the LRO challenge help the Grabber X3 establish its own place in the 4x4 mud terrain tyre performance hierarchy, as one of the best tyres of its type available on the market.”

Micheldever is General Tire’s distribution partner for its range of 4x4 tyres, including the Grabber X3.

Grabber’s key features include sidewall protection, Duragen Technology for puncture resistance and an open tread design.

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