Raising awareness for Tyre Safety Month 2019

Posted on 30th October 2019

Simon Hiorns, Micheldever Group’s Retail Director and TyreSafe charity Chairman, Stuart Jackson, visited local radio stations in the UK promoting the importance of tyre safety and discussing the interesting results from a recent Protyre survey.

The campaign was a huge success with the 11 pieces of coverage covering 93 minutes of air time and reached audiences totalling 651,000 people. To listen to a selection of the topics that were discussed, click on a radio station listed below containing the highlights from the top 3 interviews:

  1. WCR FM
  2. BBC Tees
  3. Coast FM

Recently, our retail arm, Protyre, carried out a survey in which 2,003 drivers took part. It revealed some very interesting results, especially regarding the priorities of young drivers when it comes to car maintenance. Here are some of the most interesting statistics:

  • Drivers aged 55+ are much more likely (58%) to spend the most money on their car’s tyres
  • Only 26% drivers aged 18-34 reference tyres in their top three concerns, opting for spoilers, accessories and headlight modifications instead
  • Younger drivers are significantly more-likely than other age groups to spend a limited budget on superficial, or aesthetic improvements to their car. These include; accessories and parts (19%, versus 8% across all age groups), exterior modifications, such as spoilers and headlight adornments (11%, versus 4% total), and info-tainment, including the car’s stereo and sound system (11%, versus 6% total).
  • 9% of UK car owners NEVER check their tyres
  • 25% of car owners claim that they have received conflicting information about the correct tyre tread depth
  • 21% have purchased part worn tyres in the past

The results of this survey display the importance of TyreSafe do, continually raising awareness around tyre safety, especially for the younger generation, who judging by the results of this survey, may need to review where they prioritise spending their car maintenance budget!

Micheldever Group are proud supporters of TyreSafe and the importance of raising awareness around road safety issues. A large amount of road incidents can be attributed to poor vehicle maintenance.

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