Enviromentally Friendly Waste Disposal

The retail network, Protyre, removes around 1.5m tyres each year. All of these are disposed of in an environmentally and energy efficient way. The retail network charges a small environmental levy for the safe and efficient disposal of the tyres removed from customers' vehicles. This eliminates the fly tipping which has in the past so often been a highlight of the fast fit industry.

The worn out tyres that we remove from vehicles are collected by a fully licensed Company who recycle the tyres by shredding them and using the shred produced to make Horse Ménage, Play Ground surfaces and many other recycled products. Rubber waste from tyres is also used to help power the kilns in cement production. NONE of the waste from end of life tyres goes into landfill.

Other waste products are also produced from scrap metals to waste oil and catalytic converters. These items are all sold onto appointed suppliers so that the metals can be recycled and the oil can be converted and cleaned for further use.

A Two Tier Green Strategy

The environmental policy can be split into 2 key areas:

  • Safe and environmentally friendly disposal of the waste materials we produce as part of the day to day operations
  • Reducing the organisations carbon footprint through efficient use of energy

Energy Efficient Lighting

More recent improvements have been the introduction of modern LED lighting systems into Micheldever's retail centres and offices. This is been done when centres are refurbished. Not only does the new lighting improve the environment for the company's staff and the customer, it also reduces Micheldever's energy bills. So far the business has recorded a 10% reduction in electricity energy usage where the new LED lights have been installed.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel usage is a key factor for Micheldever's large fleet of vehicles and the reduction of the amount of fuel used and the miles the transport fleet covers is key. Delivery routes are constantly monitored and improved to ensure that they are optimal in terms of time to delivery and miles covered. Many of the new trailer units have been designed to reduce wind drag and therefore fuel efficiency.

All Micheldever drivers are trained by an in-house team of driver trainers to drive efficiently and thus reduce fuel usage.

Office Recycling

The green policy also includes recycling selected paper waste – the Micheldever office has installed a paper and cardboard compactor which has sent over 60 tons of cardboard and paper waste into the recycling network in 3 years. Of course this helps to reduce the costs of waste disposal and the amount of waste that goes into landfill.

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