Corporate Social Responsibility

A Social Responsibility

Micheldever Group demonstrates economic, social and environmental responsibility beyond its core business values. The business has a clear Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda that focuses on the following areas:

Fair trading
Exceptional customer service
Health & Safety
The Environment
Local community relations

The CSR vision is to:

Be a responsible business

Micheldever Group believes in doing the right thing today, every day. As such, the company has:

  • Created a staff culture that is focused on doing a great job and fair trading.
  • Developed a team that is committed to providing exceptional service.
  • Trained people to be aware of their safety and keep those around them safe.

Be a green business

Micheldever Group believes in looking after the environment and demonstrating its commitment to the continuous improvement and prevention of pollution – to this end the company is working with the Carbon Trust to reduce its carbon footprint.

Be a supporter of local communities

Supporting the communities where Micheldever Group have offices and retail outlets. From raising employment prospects and offering local apprentice programmes to offering safety awareness evenings to improve road safety.

Be a recognised pioneer and leader in its field

Micheldever prides itself on being accountable to it's customers and industry bodies to ensure that the business is a recognised leader and is seen as a pioneer in the tyre and fast fit industry.

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