Four millionth TyreClick visit leads to sale for family-run business

Posted on 21st March 2016

A website developed by Micheldever Tyre Services, to help independent dealers compete for online sales against national chains and specialist internet traders, has notched up its four millionth visitor.

The milestone was all the sweeter as the visit resulted in a sale for Avenue Tyres in Birmingham, which is run by brothers, George and Alan Beacon.

TyreClick was developed as part of Micheldever’s long-standing commitment to champion independents. The site currently supports more than 900 transactional websites that are linked to independent tyre retailers, each with their own local URL, thereby allowing motorists to search for their local dealers and buy tyres direct from them.

George Beacon said: “Having our own website is fantastic for us because it means we get the online sales at our prices, and not just a fitting fee from a national online retailer. In this particular case, the customer bought three Continental SportContact 2 tyres, including fitting. We also provided a wheel balancing and alignment service too.

“The other great thing about TyreClick is that we own the online enquiries and customer data, which we can then use to promote the business.

“You always hear companies boasting about supporting independents, but I think TyreClick shows that only Micheldever helps businesses like mine.”

Alan Baldwin, sales director at Micheldever, said: “Congratulations to George and Alan for landing a sale from the four millionth site visit. We always knew TyreClick would be a success but to hit that number of visitors is simply amazing.

“The UK tyre market is very tough for independent dealers because the majority of consumers check tyre prices online before they buy. Therefore it’s crucial for independents to be able to target and sell to these customers.

“The beauty of TyreClick is that it allows participating dealers, which are supplied by Micheldever, to maintain online visibility in their local area. They also get availability on a complete range of tyres, a robust transactional website, capture and utilise customer data in a secure environment and maintain competitiveness by flexing prices in order to optimise profit margins.

“In recognition for this milestone, and since Avenue Tyres is a GT Radial specialist, Micheldever and Giti Tire will present the brothers with four GT Raidal SportActive tyres, which is the brand’s new principle design for the ultra-high performance (UHP) sector.”

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