The 2022 GWCT Scottish Game Fair

Posted on 4th July 2022

One of Scotland's largest countryside events took place at the weekend in Perthshire, with more than 35,000 people attending across three days (1-3 July).

The GWCT Scottish Game Fair is held at Scone Palace each year and features an impressive line-up of traders, competitions and main ring events, and some of the stands, food stalls and merchandise on display were fit for a king (look at Scone Wikipedia)…

You might be thinking what has the event got to do with anything? Well, large vehicles need specialist tyres, and for the 4Site 4x4 team it was a great opportunity to showcase the wide range available to both new and existing customers who attended the event.

Head of Sales & Technical Specialist Division Dave Dineen said it was a very successful show, and the on-site team presented the 4x4 offering to the "consumer, estate owners and enthusiasts".

"During the show we listened to the customers' requirements, and then recommended the right tyre for the conditions of service. We then directed the customer on to their local dealer where they could have them fitted."

"It was great to get back to Scotland where 4x4 has always been very strong for our group, and business was spread across the country and the north of England. I would like to say a big thank-you to the specialist team, the Wholesale marketing team, and team Scotland for all their support in making the show a huge success."

A perfect example of how successful the Game Fair was for the 4X4 team could be seen in the fact that one customer came from Hastings (a round trip of more than a 1,000 miles)!

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