National Recycle Week 2022

Posted on 17th October 2022

You’ve just finished drinking a bottle of water, and automatically when finished you've put it straight into the bin. 

But, how often do we just go straight to the waste bin without thinking/questioning if something can be recycled?

It’s easy to do, too easy perhaps, and the facts are that this is a normal occurrence for many. 

National Recycling Week took place last month, and businesses and individuals across the UK took part in the campaign with the aim of increasing awareness and improving our recycling levels.

Watch the video for a better understanding of what can and can’t be recycled, or visit Let's Get Real About Recycling | Recycle Now

What about recycling at MTS?

We are recycling more than ever. As we recycle, it means we use less energy in producing and moving new goods. This reduces emissions. Even something as simple as using recycled printer paper can make a difference. Recycled paper saves trees which absorb greenhouse gases and help to combat climate change. If we only use recycled paper in our business we will save over 150 tonnes C02 per year – that’s the equivalent of taking 100 cars off the road for a year. We can do more though, and through the implementation of new digital systems over the next 3 years we aim to reduce 50% of our recycled paper use by sending digital invoices/delivery notes/statements.

For tyre casings we work with our recycling partner Tyre Renewals to collect over 2 million used casings and shred them for use as tyre derived fuel blocks. These blocks are then used by cement manufacturers to power their kilns and they produce 25% more energy than equivalent use of fossil fuel. All exhaust gases pass through filters and scrubbers and chimney emissions are continually monitored to ensure that air quality is not compromised any more than through fossil fuel use. We are looking at ways to recycle our tyres through pyrolysis to create bio-diesel for our fleet and recycled carbon black for use in SRI factories, but at the moment the quality of the recycled carbon black is inferior to SRI’s manufacturing standard.

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