Protyre launches the Protech Academy

Posted on 12th November 2018

Last week Protyre launched the brand new Protech Academy. The academy was set up to provide young people the qualifications to get their careers up an running in the automotive market and to offer our current employees the chance to further their career.

Why the Protech Academy was set up:

  • To invest £500k into training our staff with the right skillsfor future development
  • Provide current and valuable courses in a workshop environment that benefits both the individual and the business
  • Offer aspiring mechanics an achievable career path from a level of Tyre Technician to IMI Master Technician
  • To improve the skills of our current workforce
  • Provide students with a structured course where candidates will achieve an IMI qualification with the necessary hard work and determination
  • Completely unique to Protyre, the Protech Academy has been created with a partnership through UKPA and Delphi Technologies
  • The centre has fantastic, up-to-date facilities allowing the candidates to work in a clean and safe environment, from the classroom to the workshop
  • Develop people to deliver outstanding customer service and lead the way within our industry
  • Training our teams to deliver a first-time solution, everytime
  • Training and developing our own staff and their skills in order to create industry experts throughout the business

Skilled workforces are becoming more and more minimalised, so we believe it is beneficial to train our own team to the IMI standard which will set us apart from our competitors. Delphi Technologies, UKPA and Protyre have developed a number of courses over the last six months.

Check out the video here:

Protyre is the very first company in the industry to make the use of the unique and modern facility that Delphi Trechnologies has recently move to. There are 8 candidates of various abilities attending the course which began today, 12th November and is due to finish late December. All the candidates have completed a TNA (Training Needs Analysis) which assists the course lecturers to teach at the right level per candidate.

The journey for all candidates will be a two year training plan based on a TNA, with each candidate's attendance based on their level of understanding. This will mean more courses and more candidates to attend them which will help with the retention of our teams.

In the build up to the Protech Academy opening, six candidates attended in July to trial the course, content and the lecturers, with five out of the six achieving passes and a IMI Service Technician qualification. The course content was ideal and the lecturers were great so the decison to put the Academy together was finalised.

Now we have the right; courses, facilities, lecturers and most importantly, the right candidates attending the Academy.

Today, the launch of the Protech Academy got underway with Phil Mitchell the course lecturer and Shane Mcsweeney the UKPA representative amongst the attendees and of cource the eight candidates.

We all wish them well on their Academy journey.

Find out more about Protyre here

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