Micheldever Group welcomes DfT’s MOT change U-turn

Posted on 19th January 2018


Industry and public opinion was strongly against the proposed change, citing safety as the major concern. The consultation’s premise that extending the grace period would also save motorists money was also proved false.

CEO Duncan Wilkes comments:

“This is a victory for common sense. In our response to the consultation, we strongly argued that MOT is a necessary and affordable safety check that plays a vital role in keeping our roads amongst the safest in the world. Together with colleagues from all corners of the automotive aftermarket, we presented clear evidence that extending the grace period to four years would have a detrimental impact, so it’s right the DfT has listened.

“However, we now hope this latest review puts this issue to bed once and for all. This is the third such consultation in just over a decade, and with each review concluding that the current system remains as valid today as it was when established in 1960, it’s time the DfT recognise the system in place works. Cars may be becoming safer and more reliable, however consumable items that are vital to a vehicle’s performance and safety are still subject to wear and tear, and the MOT plays a essential role in keeping these in check.”

Micheldever Group is the second largest independent wholesaler, distributor and retailer of tyres in the UK, selling six million tyres nationwide. It is responsible for one in five replacement tyres sold in the UK. 

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