Our Markets

Micheldever Group operates in a number of markets through two key trading divisions:

  • Distribution and Wholesale which operate under the Micheldever Tyre Services Ltd. brand name 
  • Retail which operates predominantly under the Protyre brand name 


Micheldever Tyre Services Ltd. (MTS)

MTS is the distribution division of the Micheldever Group and provides tyres and accessories to over 6000 fast fit and garage based customers which fit to end user vehicles. The company also operate a VMA Division which specialises in providing tyres to vehicle main dealers.  

Our priority is to support and grow the business of its customers by providing compelling partnerships and real added value benefits as well as being the UK exclusive distributor, or preferred supplier, for a number of tyre manufacturers including General Tire, Falken, Sumitomo, GT Radial and Runway.

We provide tyres for all makes of car, van, motorcycle, truck and 4x4. With the importance and continual growth of online, we have developed, on behalf of our customers, two websites that allow the end user to order tyres online:

We also have a specialist website for use by our customers to purchase motorbike tyres:

Our specialist technical customer services team are renowned for providing impartial advice to our customers on which 4x4s, bike and SUVs tyres that are best for the end user and have between them over 150 years of experience.

Fleet Tyre Network (FTN)

Micheldever recognises that the fleet operators and fleet drivers have specific requirements. We have invested in setting up Fleet Tyre Network (FTN) to use our unique assets and capabilities to provide an alternative approach to meeting those requirements that is innovative, flexible and extremely cost effective.

Managed by professionals with long careers in providing services to fleet drivers and vehicles, FTN has built a network of 900 independent fitters that can provide industry leading and extremely flexible services across the UK. FTN have taken advantage of MTS’s relationships and understanding of the market to ensure that the network consists of fitters who have the commitment, experience, consistent service levels and scale to meet the standards we set for responsiveness and capability.

The resilience and configurability of the systems we use in the business mean that our contact centre, administration and reporting is similarly able to deliver service to fleet drivers, fleet administrators and fleet managers that is innovative and tailored to meet their specific requirements.

This combines with MTS’s purchasing and logistical scale and our relationships with tyre manufacturers to provide a uniquely flexible and cost effective solution.

FTN Vision

FTN believe in a Customer Driven alternative to traditional fleet tyre supply, offering a collaborative approach to network selection and management through a “Soft network” that is based on financial and operational optimization. We have an absolute focus on customer service at driver and fleet level. In essence an unique proposition created by fleet specialists for fleet businesses.

In practice this means that we:

  • Ensure control is with the Fleet Operators not the National Chains
  • Enable clarity and control, for example maximise fitting the tyre brands that the fleet prefers NOT the fitter
  • Facilitate the fleet‘s tyre trading relationships with the manufacturers with transparency on all commercial arrangements
  • Deliver outstanding service at all levels; Driver, Customer and Fleet
  • Provide system driven efficiencies whilst retaining a human touch
  • Improve data management and invoice accuracy
  • Focus on the cost of the tyre rather than the price
  • Making tyre provision about more than just fitting tyres

FTN Success

Over the past 3 years FTN have built a customer base that includes over 30 substantial fleet operators. More recently significant contracts have been agreed to provide services to Europcar, (from October 2015) Leaseplan and Northgate (both from January 2016) who between them will replace some 350,000 tyres annually.

The network now includes over 900 fitting stations which includes access to 715 mobile fitting vans and of these 411 sites (including 560 of the mobiles) are able to provide a 24/7 service. This network scale and capability allows us to select and deploy a network that is specific to the needs of each individual customer.

We anticipate significant further growth as we increase our presence in the fleet market.  



The retail division provides tyre fitting directly to the end users'/ customers’ vehicles. The division operates predominantly under the Protyre brand name and is grown through a mixture of acquisition and new builds. All new centres acquired are entered into a rebranding programme to extend the Protyre brand.

The retail division offers an additional range of services including MOTs, brakes, servicing and exhausts.

It sells over a million individual tyres each year to end user customers. While the majority of tyres are car or 4x4 the retail division also fits motorcycle, truck and agricultural tyres.